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Small Van

1 Standard Pallet

400 Kilos

150cm (L) x 110cm (W) x 115cm (H)

Long Wheel Based Transit

3 Standard Pallets

1.45 Tonne

330cm (L) x 130cm (W) x 175cm (H)

Short Wheel Based Transit

2 Standard Pallets

1 Tonne

220cm (L) x 130cm (W) x 125cm (H)

Extra Long Wheel Based Transit

4 Standard Pallets

1.25 Tonne

410cm (L) x 130cm (W) x 175cm (H)

7.5 Tonner with Tail-lift

10 Standard Pallets

2.50 Tonne

580cm (L) x 220cm (W) x 215cm (H)

7.5 Tonner Box or Curtainside

10 Standard Pallets

2.80 Tonne

610cm (L) x 240cm (W) x 215cm (H)

18 Tonner Box or Curtainside

14 Standard Pallets

9.00 Tonne

720cm (L) x 245cm (W) x 255cm (H)

Artic Rigid or Curtainside

26 Standard Pallets

26 Tonne

1345cm (L) x 240cm (W) x 255cm (H)

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